Our Mission & Vision missprideofafrica 6 July 2022

Miss Pride of Africa UK mission is to groom the African youths into future empowered women to impact the African communities in Africa, United Kingdom and the world at large, also have the ability to create an opportunity for young ladies ages 17-35 of African descent to raise awareness on African culture and history. Project a positive image of Africa to the rest of the world and more below:-

  •     To promote unity between Africans (I’m African & Proud). By encouraging and developing better relations among Africans in the United Kingdom for the future of today.
  •     To bring young women together to represent their countries and share their cultures with the rest of the world, celebrate the power of the African woman and foster sisterhood.
  •     To celebrate African beauty.
  •     To celebrate, teach, learn, understand and encourage African heritage, and the different cultures through music, Fashion, music, talent etc.
  •     Promoting African culture, tourism and lifestyle to the wider world.
  •     Delegates to achieve building self-esteem and confidence in young African women growing up in a diverse culture.
  •     To select girls who are not only beautiful but also educated. By placing emphasis on education, we create role models who inspire others to place value on education through educational workshops.
  •     To enhance skills in community development and empowerment through humanitarian service.
  •     To Bridge the gap between Africa and the united kingdom through gestures of goodwill between the two continents.
  •     To entertain the audience and same time using the opportunity to inform or sensitize them about different social issues such as use of illicit drugs, child abuse, child labour, female circumcision, diseases, Issues affecting Africa and the Beauty of Africa etc. This is done through questions that are paused to the contestant during the event, which start at grass root of their country origin to Africa as a whole.