Aminata Dabo missprideofafrica 24 June 2022

Aminata Dabo

Aminata Dabo 25, Guinean and resides in London. I hold a BA (Hons) degree in Child & Adolescent Studies, having taken interests within the education welfare, family support and youth justice.

Throughout school life, I’ve a passion for voluntary and ambassador work, which has played a big part of what I believe in. As part of some of my work, being elected to be part of a ACS (African Caribbean society) at university to come together, educate their peers and encourage cultural appreciation through a variety of events. My passion is to travel the world, gain an understanding of other cultures and willing to embrace new opportunities. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to go back home , intrigued with the changes I wanted done. As I quote being told ‘ you may be living in a white man country, but never forget where you come from’.
As an introvert myself, my lack of self confidence had put a hold for my aspirations in modelling. However, this platform has helped me be a more positive person, worthy and to feel confident to be who I am. I learned to love myself and embrace the insecurities which I held out of fear of being judged at. Modelling which is a highly desired field in the UK, I’ve turn towards pageantry, which isn’t just a platform for us young africans but a room to implement change, promote unity, talent and heritage. 

What duties have you embarked on during your reign as Miss Pride of Africa UK Queen (include events attended) During my reign as Miss pride of Africa 2019, I expected to carry out my duties, however the impact of the pandemic affected those plans. The opportunity of being stuck at home has helped me use my time to network with fellow pageant queens and branch out to other platforms.

Appearances on radio stations, interviews and attending other pageants, working with designers are a few of my duties that I am grateful to have experienced. I’ve gotten to learn a lot and benefited through this.
Black Women in Business
Colours of Diva Festival – Mental Health Awareness
Cancel Cancel Africa
Interviews Beats FM

Attending Pageants
Appearing at charity events
Fashion Week/Shows

What projects you are still doing/involved in now?

My award is a trip to a native country of my choice to carry out my charity work. Since I’m working in the field of health, I’d like to take advantage of my expertise in humanitarian project in Guinee. Visiting orphanages and public schools in Guinee, sponsoring a child year of education. Providing basic necessities like clothes, food, supplies etc

There are many charities that I’ve been willing to work with one of which is, ACIS “All Children In School” whose founder is Guinean and based here in London but with actions across Guinee. An NGO that has been helping children’s education in rural areas since 2017. Another based in Conakry, that I’ve yet to start working on.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

We are not well known to majority of Africans, but as for myself winning this title would give me the platform to open their horizons. I aspire to help children in rural areas to get the primary education they acquire so they can become the leaders of tomorrow as they aspire to. Without education, we are nothing. In the future giving myself a few years, I’d like to work more on advocacy and ambassador, a link between the UK and Guinee. Also would love to set up my own pageant/platform in the United Kingdom for Guineans here. I’d like us to retouch our roots and to network, grow and impact our communities.

5- what do you stand for as the reigning or former African Queen and ambassador?

I stand by giving equal opportunities to the unfortunate so that as a country we can all strive to be on the same path. Working with unfortunate children and extending a chance to get a primary education that every child acquire so they can become the leaders of tomorrow as they aspire to be.

6- Write A message for the young girls out there aspiring to become Miss pride of Africa UK Queens/Ambassodors all around the world.

My pride in this award would not have been so great without the support of my family and the community that I did not really know before. Aspiring to be an ambassador/the next Miss Pride of Africa is a woman who
embraces who you are a person, people around and what you can bring to the table. The way in which a woman carries herself, leads by example, a true role model. What I would say to young women today is to never hold anything against yourself. It all starts with believing in yourself and self love. We are all unique and undefinable. It’s a gift from God that we are who we are. I admire woman of today who doesn’t let today’s pressure get the best of them. What good is there if we were all the same?!

7- Do you have a slogan or Quote that you live by in life? If so please Share that slogan/quote with the world to help inspire another person out there Failure is another stepping stone to greatness