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The Miss Pride Of Africa UK™ Pageant Is A Beauty Pageant Fostered To Promote African Beauty, Unity, Talent and Heritage in the United Kingdom.  Miss Pride of Africa UK is set to groom the African youths into women leaders to impact their communities in Africa, United Kingdom and the world at large.

The Pageant enables young African ladies in the United Kingdom to have a chance to shine a spotlight on Africa as a Whole. The girls are given the opportunity to inspire each other, look and feel beautiful inside out, tell their own stories to the different communities and the world at large and most importantly build their self-esteem.

This is a highly competitive beauty pageant aimed to promote Beauty, African Unity (united we stand), talent plus heritage and culture. The pageant is not only about Beauty, it’s “Beauty with a purpose”. This theme clearly spells out the ultimate goal of the pageant. The goal is not to pick the most beautiful girl as a winner just for the sake of it but to use her beauty to further meaningful courses.

The Miss Pride of Africa UK ™ Beauty pageant aspires to select girls who are not only beautiful but also educated. By placing emphasis on education, we create role models who inspire others to place value on education through educational workshops. As Miss Pride Of Africa UK™ Queen/Ambassador, we are looking for a lady who is humble, confident, relatable with a good personality, and most importantly a role model, someone everyone will look up to.

When Miss Pride Of Africa UK™ is crowned, she becomes an ambassador on behalf of all African countries and various organizations. The crowned Queen will travel to Africa to take part in human capital development projects, Experience the culture and heritage of Africa and she will also be involved in making donations and contributions to various charitable institutes as well as 100% involvement within the United Kingdom as an African Ambassador.

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